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Are you looking for premium-quality marijuana and cannabis delivery in Canada? Buy medical marijuana from the best marijuana dispensary, offering a vast selection of craft cannabis products to suit your requirements. We offer a safe and comfortable web-based environment for our customers to browse, seek expert advice, and mail order high-grade marijuana and weed strains. Get quick and secure delivery at your doorstep, and enjoy the healing benefits of cannabis.

Great Quality Products, Superior Customer Service

BC Buds Medical is one of the most trusted source to buy medical marijuana products, including vape cartridges, vape pens, high quality craft flowers, edibles (such as low-dose and high-dose cannabis infused candies, weed cookies, cannabis infused chocolates and beverages), concentrates, pre-rolls, CBD products, Magic Mushrooms, and cannabis accessories online. We have been serving the valued customers of Canada for a decade, providing excellent quality products and superior customer service. Our objective is to bring the remarkable benefits of marijuana right onto your fingertips. Access to medical marijuana in Canada is a priority and initiative for us at BC Buds Medical. Therefore, we represent the products on our website only after rigorous lab-testing to ensure safety and potency.

Buying online at our marijuana dispensary in Canada is simple and hassle-free, and we ensure the best value for your money. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is easily available to guide beginners and experienced customers in choosing the right product that fits their needs. Rest assured, your satisfaction and well-being is our foremost priority.

Here is a quick look into our wide range of marijuana and cannabis products available online in Canada:

  • Premium Vape Cartridges – We offer excellent-quality vape cartridges available in different flavours like Durban Poison, Granddaddy Purple, Girl Scout Cookies, Trainwreck to name a few.  THC Distillate fruit series include Green Apple, Grapes, Pear, Pineapple, and Strawberry.
  • Marijuana Flowers – Buy medical marijuana flowers online, available in large varieties of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. We are your one-top shop for premium craft cannabis in Canada and access to medical marijuana.
  • CBD & THC – Shop our wide selection of high CBD/THC count for optimum health and pain relief.  CBD capsules, CBD isolate, CBD tinctures, CBD pet tinctures, CBD/THC tintures, CBD Infused edibles or CBD/THC 1:1 infused edibles, Hemp topicals, and more.
  • Concentrates  – Choose from our exquisite marijuana concentrates, including hash, shatter, live rosin (also known as Live Resin), high quality kief, budder, and more.
  • Marijuana Edibles – Buy delectable weed edibles from our marijuana dispensary, including trusted edible brands for edibles online Canada such as twisted extracts jelly bombs, happy herb edibles, true north weed co, sweet bud, Mary’s edibles, Pacific Pure brands and flavouredHigh Tea in both thc and pure cbd tea formats.
  • Accessories  – Pick from our wide range of refill cartridges, vape pens, grinders, twisty rolly blunts, rolling paper, bongs, pipes and more.

Buying medical Marijuana has never been easier!

Did you knowbuying medical marijuana online is now easier than ever? You can buy it from our marijuana dispensary​ online and completely legal. You just need a phone or laptop and an internet connection. Place your order and get it delivered at​your doorstepwith quick mail-order marijuana dispensary service within just a few short days from our marijuana dispensary​ without any hassle. Just log in to BC Buds Medical Online, fill in the required details and have your cannabis delivered legally. Get away from the worries of dealing with shoddy dealers and their websites. Buy quality weeds following simple steps on our website. We are your most reliable marijuana dispensary operating in Canada with years of experience in the industry.

Having marijuana delivered safely and legally is crucial. It is the best option for medical patients who cannot make it to their local marijuana dispensary in Canada​ to get​ weeds. Mail order dispensary Canada​ now makes it possible for them to access medical​ marijuana from the comfort of their home as long as you can at least 19 years of Canada and a resident of Canada.

We are a reputed marijuana dispensary in Canada​ dealing in a variety of medical marijuana to cater​ to the needs of all our consumers. Pick your choice and buy mail order Marijuana​. Local​cannabisservices often get overwhelmed long lines, a wait for packaging your cannabis products and the need to scan your ID through every visit. Plus, local cannabis stores charge you tax on top! This is where we offer reliable delivery services that are the safest and fastest. Get your cannabis delivered without any delays and save on cannabis.

Being a legalized marijuana dispensary in Canada, we can always deliver marijuana online to any place in Canada. We not​only deal in buds but also in topicals, edibles, concentrates and all things that are cannabis-infused. No matter what you are looking for, get everything at cost-effective rates at our marijuana​ dispensary. Login to our website, look for your preferred choice of product, add it to your cart, and hit purchase. Your marijunana order online will arrive in a jiffy all trackable by mail-order. You will know exactly where you order is and expected time of arrival when buying weed online on BC Buds Medical. Trust BC Medical Buds for reliable marijuana delivery services.


There are several reasons that make us a premier online marijuana dispensary in Canada.

  • Providing premium-grade, safe medical marijuana for a decade
  • We focus on great quality products, offering a large collection of finest marijuana concentrates, vape cartridges, craft cannabis flowers that many other dispensaries cannot obtain on the market, CBD / THC products, and edibles
  • Excellent customer care and satisfaction at all levels
  • Free express shipping on all orders above $250 across Canada
  • $20 flat rate shipping across Canada

To buy medical marijuana in Canada, shop online or write to us at [email protected].