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There has been remarkable increase in the demand of weed to date, particularly because it has become legalized in Canada and slowly several other places in the world. With this, the popularity of buying weed online has grown exponentially in Canada because it is convenient and now legal. You do not have to move around from one weed dispensary to another, testing and finding products that suit your needs and quality. Just sit at the cozy comfort of your home and buy weed online – find the best BC BUD on BC Buds Medlical Online offering premium selections of craft cannabis flower ranging from AAA – AAAAA.

Another reason why you should shop weed online is the availability of a wide range of options and grading. Ever wonder why some websites don’t list the grade of a strain and simply just the strain name at a super low price for weed? Brick-and-mortar weed shops in Canada do not have such exemplary variety of products and quality of product. You may find mediocre quality (A – AA) at these shops where no grade is mentioned.  Think you’re getting a deal on weed? Always check that the price matches the grading of the weed. When you buy online from BC Buds Medical, the choices are innumerable. We only sell premium strains graded AAA and higher, and you get these all at one place which makes online shopping easy and hassle-free. At BC Buds Medical, you are actually get the best deal on weed at remarkable qualities. We offer weed sales on quality product often so be sure to check back and secure your medical marijuana needs while supplies last. It is also 100% safe to buy weed online from our weed dispensary as we use the latest technologies to ensure security and privacy.


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  • Large Variety: We carry a large collection of premium craft products to help you easily buy weed online that is just the right one for your needs.
  • Excellent Quality: BC Buds Medical acquire products only from reputable weed growers who have over 20 years of experience in growing high-quality, organic, pesticide-free weed strains.
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  • Exceptional Customer Service: The objective of our weed dispensary is to deliver the best-quality products in a hassle-free manner.

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Want to buy marijuana legally? BC Medical Buds is a licensed weed dispensary, based in Canada, delivering cannabis at your doorstep. We are serving the​ community for many years now and use the most reliable and safest means for delivering marijuanato our customers. We have grown into the most trusted weed dispensary that allows for the convenience tobuy weed online in Canada while saving you time! Stop wasting your gas, time, and money visiting local stores that charge premium prices for cheap weed. BC Buds Medical is a reputable Vancouver Dispensary Online servicing all of Canada that offers only high quality weed some of which are rare and craft cannabis strains. Our cannabis-infused products cover a vast variety of​marijuana such as tincutres, edibles and topicals, available for medical or recreational use.

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We have an expert team of professionals that comprehends everything about cannabis and always ready to help all our customers. If you are confused with the type that you should opt for or its dosage, our weed dispensary will help you by answering all your questions.​ Whether you are looking for a strain you are quite familiar with or you are a novice, we have a complete solution to cater to the specific needs of all our clients. We are always available and enthusiastic to assist all our customers with what they are looking for.

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