About Us


BC Buds Medical is a Canadian company based in beautiful British Columbia that provides legal, reliable and safe access to high quality, craft Medicinal Marijuana for patients suffering from a number of conditions and disorders such as chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, PTSD or other medical conditions by mail order across Canada.


We DO NOT acquire our products from just ANY supplier nor from bargain deals that are available. We source our premium products from established, well-respected growers that have been meticulously honing their craft for many years.  Most of our growers have been in the industry for 20+ years — some even 30+ years. Our growers love what they do and it definitely shows in their work of art.

As the Cannabis Legislation in Canada is now in place, many new growers are coming to market. These new growers often lack in experience and cut corners such as not taking the time to cure and dry the flowers properly which may cause mold in the bud and ultimately leading to sub-par cannabis in the market. This is where the experience from our master growers come in to produce premium quality AAA – AAAAA grade cannabis products available on our website. Be weary and cautious of websites who do not list the ‘grading’ of the flowers, even strains with the same name can be graded differently depending on the grower.  Know what grade of product you are purchasing, information about the strain and its THC content to suit your needs.

We at BC Buds Medical have witnessed the movement of marijuana and these wonderful plants evolve through the generations.  Our passion for the plant grows endlessly.


Our cannabis are lab tested for THC/CBD levels as well as quality assurance checks for mold & pesticides. We have strict quality control measures put in place but before it even gets there, it has to pass the tests of our very precise and picky bud connoisseurs that collectively decide if each strain and product will be represented by BC Buds Medical.  Each batch we acquire is carefully inspected with a fine-tooth comb.

The most important components when determining the grade of a flower are smell, taste, potency, the effects, and also the colour of the ash.  A whiter burning ash is best.  Black ash indicates the plant was not flushed properly of impurities likely due to grower inexperience, wanting to rush the plant to market, and/or a lack of care to the plant.

To some, all weed may be the same but this has been proven not true.  Each strain has their own look, smell, taste, burn, texture, potency, and type of effect. Some strains have strong sedative effects that loosen muscles while others have euphoric uplifting effects that can help motivate you to finish all your household chores.  We at BC Buds Medical not only have the experience but we also have the passion and love for this often misunderstood plant.


We deliver quickly and discreetly to all patients ages 19 and over residing in Canada. Our patients can select a from wide range of premium sativa, indica and hybrid strains of some of the best Grade AAA – AAAAA craft medicinal cannabis, concentrates and edibles available in Canada.

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